our story

Who we are?

My brand was created out of the desire to combine comfortable and trendy sportswear together with luxurious premium fashion. My main goal has always been to turn the sports clothes we train with - into special and luxurious outfits that each and every one can incorporate into their everyday clothing, and not just during training. With dozens of unique designs, sizes, and colors, I created a unique brand that will give everyone maximum comfort, along with never-ending trendiness.

how it all began?

I have always had a great love for the world of fashion. For several years I worked and traveled in Europe and the USA, while drawing inspiration from the unique and prestigious fashion. When I returned to Israel, the Corona epidemic broke out and the trend of fashionable sets and slimming sports suits began. I decided to fulfill my dream through the sports sets and suits, and to integrate into my brand all the style and love for fashion - combined with sportiness and comfort.

Why Vilinks?

Sportswear has long been more than just training clothes. They collect, flatter and shape, and in my brand - also super fashionable. All the sets and suits that I produce for you go through a very long process of testing and repairs by a professional team, in order to bring the best quality products to the market. My brand has grown to be a brand that promotes sportiness, luxury, fashion and female empowerment. Whether in the variety of sizes or the wide variety of cuts and sets - my brand brings something different.