vlinks Gift card

משתתף במבצע 25% הנחה בקניה 3 מוצרים ומעלה עם קוד קופון : VL25

The value of the gift card
משלוח אקספרס 1-5 ימי עסקים עד פתח הבית. החלפה ראשונה חינם עם שליח עד פתח הבית.

The perfect Vilinks gift card, a perfect gift for a holiday, birthday and more.

Choose a desired gift amount, and immediately receive a gift voucher to your email, which you can send by email or on WhatsApp.

The gift card allows its users to benefit from the discounts available on the website and to redeem up to the balance of the gift amount.

The voucher can only be redeemed on the website



• Express home delivery: between 1-3 business days.

• Free express delivery for orders over NIS 299.

• For an order between NIS 299 - NIS 199, express delivery will cost NIS 15

​• For orders under 199 NIS, express delivery will cost 25 NIS

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Worldwide 1-10 business days shipping

$30 - 116 SHEKELS

RETURN - $25

החלפות והחזרות

Exchange and return policy

• Up to 14 business days and provided the product is not damaged.

• The first exchange on each order is free of charge with a courier to your home up to 5 business days.

• All exchanges after that cost 35 NIS with a courier to the house

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Corinne T.
Fast and excellent service

The service is excellent and the response is quick. The products are high quality and stylish.